October 7, 2017



Any citizen of the Republic of Macedonia that attended a US government sponsored program could become a member of the Macedonian American Alumni Association. General membership is voluntary and it is open to all individuals who have already participated in fellowship programs in the United States. The procedure then requires you to fill up an application and submit it to the Office of MAAA (printed and/or electronically). Download the electronic version of the membership application here. MAAA printed membership application are available at MAAA office, US Embassy or the American corners in Skopje, Bitola, Stip and Tetovo. Apart from that, MAAA has honorary membership. Honorary membership is awarded to an individual who has provided contribution in promotion of peace and understanding in the national, regional or international areas as well as in cooperation development with the U.S. Exchange Programs and alumni associations worldwide. MAAA assembly decides on granting honorary membership with two-thirds majority vote.

For any inquires please contact maaa.macedonia@gmail.com