Legal status

MAAA is a non-profit “think – tank” organization, established in 2000. MAAA has clear operational structure that derives its competencies from a MAAA Statute.


MAAA serves as an umbrella organization of over 1100+ participants from the Republic of Macedonia of US government sponsored academic, exchange and professional development programs. MAAA alumni have demonstrable excellence in public and private service. They are professionals in various fields, members of Governmental Bodies and Commissions, country representatives in EU Bodies and in the Council of Europe, university professors, journalists, experts, managers of respectful national institutions and agencies, members of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and other academies in Europe and worldwide, and committed enthusiasts who are willing to make a difference in the society by personal example.

Shared values

MAAA members share the same values that support freedom of action, promote humanity, respect and mutual understanding. MAAA supports the development and the democratization of the country, the integration of the Republic of Macedonia within the European Union and the International Community. MAAA believes that each individual’s effort can contribute towards common understanding among people in the society and therefore towards cohesion of the pluralistic society. The basis of all of MAAA’s initiatives is the belief that through proven leadership we can make a difference locally, regionally and nationally in the society and in the world in turn.


MAAA’s overall mission is to build bridges of cooperation between the United States of America and the Republic of Macedonia. Our mission tends to contribute towards cherishing the international peace, security and fostering economic cooperation.

Aims MAAA aims to strengthen the relations between the Republic of Macedonia and the USA, to promote the bilateral cooperation on educational, cultural, and artistic issues and to provide support in knowledge transfer initiatives among the citizens and organizations in both countries. In this sense it focuses on several aspects: networking, capacity building, acting as an agent for social change, grassroots activities and enhancing bilateral and regional cooperation.

Networking MAAA is inclined to establish, maintain and foster a network of Macedonian fellows/alumni of the US government supported programs. In that sense, MAAA serves as a forum for exchange of experiences and represents a channel for free flow of breakthrough ideas that have the potential to influence the society in general.

Capacity building MAAA promotes and encourages educational and professional development through various trainings, lectures, seminars, tailor-made workshops and capacity building activities. It supports exchange of ideas, transfer of knowledge and development of skills. The increased professional capacity of MAAA members should further contribute towards the development of knowledge-based society.

Agent for change The association acts as an agent for social change. MAAA has a solid intellectual capacity and it is profiled as a “think-tank” organization. In that frame, MAAA aims to initiate impartial public debates so as to tackle popular social issues of national and global importance. MAAA members utilize their skills and capacities in taking an active role in the democratization of the society and national and regional development.

Grassroots engagement MAAA dedicates its services to the community and the people, by organizing and participating in community activities that are raising public awareness of the purposes that are in line with MAAA values, social events that are promoting cooperation and mutual understanding, public lectures that are increasing the level of general knowledge and voluntary work, helping the communities in need. In that manner, MAAA serves humanity.

Enhancing cooperation MAAA supports and promotes all the USA government sponsored programs, thus fostering lasting social, cultural, economic and educational links among the citizens and institutions of both countries. MAAA is open for cooperation with other national as well as regional US affiliated associations especially with associations from the neighboring countries. Cooperation should be strengthened by organizing international and regional conferences where knowledge and experiences that cultivate and develop new social, cultural and economic ties will be exchanged. MAAA is ready to cooperate closely with the Embassy of the United States of America, the American Corners as well with the US experts in Macedonia in the process of planning and implementing educational, social, health, sport and environmental projects.

Past and ongoing projects and activities International conference “Public Health and Peace”, 2000 Regional conference "Strategies how to bring the Balkans closer to the EU”, 2007
Active involvement in Fulbright Academy Science & Technology Conference “Small Places Can Change the World”, 2009
Strengthening Capacities and Improvement of Visibility of the Macedonian American Alumni Association, 2017-2018

Written by Natalija Shikova


Bulding bridges of cooperation
between the United States and Macedonia