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Donation to the Crisis Center "Hope" – step towards safety and dignity of the person

The Crisis Center "Hope" is an association which provides support to women victims of domestic violence for almost two decades. As a shelter center that directly supports the ones who are in need, it provides 24-48 hours shelter to the most vulnerable. However, it is not just a shelter that makes women feel safe, but it also gives emotional support to women to overcome the critical period.

EApproximately 5-7 women are hosted by the center monthly, or by the Center data, not less than 55 women and 13 kids are hosted per year. Serving, in the first instance, as an emergency center for help, the Center not only helps the victims to face and overcome the critical situation, but it also provides free legal counseling and social care, helping the victims to get familiarized with the institutional protection and pursue it.

The functioning of the Center is genuinely altruistic. Its activities focus on increasing the human potential and promoting life free from violence. Except for the 24h open national SOS aid lines, the Center focuses on prevention aiming to end the cycle of violence and those efforts are reflected in more than 30 implemented projects of theirs. In that respect, it offers a comprehensive suite of support services with adequate quality as well as clear expertise on identifying the violence risks and advocacy for promotion of “non–violence” policies.
The Crisis Center “Hope” shares the hopes for a world free of violence where individual liberties and freedoms will be fully respected for all and by all. Sharing the vision for humanity and respect and supporting grassroots activities that are community oriented, MAAA donated some furniture and utilities equipment to the Center. Being a declared agent for change, MAAA always helps the ones that are directly working on improving individual and social beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.

Written by Natalija Shikova


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