11th ENAM Conference

Cologne, Germany

The German Fulbright Association and US Alumni associations (GAA-USEP) organized the 11th ENAM Semi Annual Conference and General Assembly Meeting, which was held in Cologne, Germany, from November 30 to December 2, 2018, under the heading “One Europe - one transatlantic relationship”. I attended the conference as a board member of MAAA together with our president Mišo Dokmanović. The conference was a great opportunity to meet other members of ENAM that share the same values for personal and professional advancements in multiple societal areas.

The host organization PPP Alumni, Fulbright Alumni, and APPPS in collaboration with the University of Cologne welcomed representatives from 21 countries to share experiences and exchange ideas about maintaining the transatlantic partnership. At the Conference opening, at the Rotonda Business Club in Cologne, the results from the elections for the new Board of Directors were announced. The Board consists of seven new members, among whom the president of MAAA, Mr. Mišo Dokmanović. After that, the participants presented the activities of their alumni associations and shared their future plans. The new vision for ENAM was also discussed at the strategic meeting.

Finally, a panel discussion ONE EUROPE – ONE TRANSATLANTIC PARTNERSHIP took place in which the participants discussed the relationships between Europe and the USA, the exchange programs and their importance. The beautiful city of Cologne with its Christmas markets contributed to memorable networking experience of the conference participants. The Conference ended with a visit of a museum exhibition: Three Centuries of US-American Art.

It was an honor and great pleasure to participate in the conference. As representatives of MAAA I hope that we will maintain the established connections and initiate further collaboration in the future.

Written by Jovana Jovanova, a member of the Executive Board of MAAA


Bulding bridges of cooperation
between the United States and Macedonia