American Disco Night, a Charity Concert

On December 11th, 2019, the Macedonian American Alumni Association organized its third annual gala humanitarian concert entitled “American Disco Night”. The concert was held in the great hall of the National Opera and Ballet which was completely full until its last seat! The Macedonian-American community of friends showed once more that charity, as one of the greatest universal human values, is our mutually shared characteristic, since, as the great Abraham Lincoln said, “to ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.” The beautiful, heart-warming event, conducted by the most talented Macedonian conductor, Ms. Bisera Chadlovska, turned out to be not just a simple concert, but a great success and a real, glamorous show. Everyone enjoyed the disco fever and the sounds from the golden age of the disco music, the 1970s and 1980s, with the lead Macedonian singers Nade Talevska, Gjoko Taneski, Ana Mickovska, and Goran Naumovski, performing the greatest hits of the time.

The night was full of electric sounds typified by the disco fever "four-on-the-floor'' beats with lead rhythm guitar features; the audience sang and danced along with the performers. The repertoire of the event encompassed the greatest hits ever sang by some of the best-known artists and bands of the time, such as Donna Summer, the Bee Gees, James Brown, Chic, Kool and the Gang, Village People, Gloria Gaynor, the KC and the Sunshine Band and many more, as well as some popular film music of those times, bringing back memories of Saturday Night Fever and Thank God is Friday.

The choice of songs worked as a time machine, bringing us all back for a moment in the times of the famous subculture from the United States' urban 1970s nightlife scene of the scandalous, shocking, but incredibly fun Studio 54, when discotheques gave a general feeling of escapism and release. The development of the genres in the 1980s into dance-oriented rock (DOR), alternative dance, house, go-go, electronic dance music, and, ultimately, techno could be felt through songs which brought even more passionate, more colorful and fiery dance show. With music and lighting choreographed to manipulate the mood of the dancers, the experience blended the 1970s and 1980s self-absorption, The Rolling Stone Magazine allure of the written word and music, and the overall sense of the communities developing forms of musical enjoyment for all.

Traditionally, this humanitarian event served once more as a wonderful opportunity for the MAAA to present its Annual Award as well. This year, the Association decided to honor Prof. Atanas Kochov with this prestigious award in recognition of his long-term contribution to the promotion and strengthening of the Macedonian-American relations.

As the new President of MAAA, Ms. Verica Jordanova, stated in her speech, the building of bridges between the two countries promotes the notion of unity, not division, thus reaffirming once more the powerful relations between them and their people who are excellent friends, passionate music lovers, and above all, great humanitarians.

Written by Tatjana Srceva


Bulding bridges of cooperation
between the United States and North Macedonia