October 20, 2019

Welcome from the President of Macedonian American Alumni Association

Dear ,

Welcome to the website of the Macedonian – American Alumni Association (MAAA).

Founded in 2000, our organization serves as an umbrella organization of over 1100+ participants from the Republic of North Macedonia of US government sponsored academic, exchange and professional development programs.

Over the years MAAA has been committed to further strengthen US – Macedonian relations, promote bilateral cooperation in education, culture and arts and support knowledge transfer initiatives between the citizens and organization in both countries. MAAA aims to serve as crucial channel for promotion of our prosperous relations, encourage dialogue and communication between different segments of our societies and support our long term commitment to advancement of democracy, human freedom and market economy.

Each of MAAA members has had a unique experience in the United States. We have all learned so many new things and experienced a new world of opportunities and progress during our programs. Through MAAA we have been working together to implement the knowledge and experience gained in the United States and build a better society.

Let us build the bridges of cooperation between United States and North Macedonia together!

Respectfully yours,

Verica Jordanova,

President of MAAA