INTERVIEW WITH MR. MUDDASSAR AHMED, President of the John Adams Society, UK’s official US State Department IVLP Association

Mr. Ahmed, you are President of the John Adams Society, which is the UK’s official US State Department IVLP Association. Could you please give us some information about your organization, its membership and activities?

Mr. Ahmed: The John Adams Society has incredible value. It was founded in 2010 to promote cultural, educational and economic initiative between the US and the UK. We are an umbrella organization that offers a forum for the alumni of exchange programs run by the US embassy in London for UK residents. If you’ve participated in the U.S. Department of State’s flagship exchange, the International Visitor Leadership Programme, the Fulbright Classroom Teacher Exchange Programme, the British-American Parliamentary Group Exchange amongst others, then this society is for you.

We work to foster mutual understanding among the British and American governments while strengthening a network of individuals across multiple sectors who are invested in transatlantic cooperation and development. We are building one of the UK’s most interesting networks of people, including Ambassadors and holding quarterly panel discussions on current key issues, professional development opportunities and an annual reception all aimed at advancing US-UK relations.

The John Adams Society embodies the historic alliance between the UK and the US, and its work is more significant now than ever before.

You have an impressive background in participating in various fellowship programs. What would you point out from your participation in a U.S. Department of State professional exchange program? What message do you have for past and potential participants in these kinds of programs?

Mr. Ahmed: Professional exchange programmes are essential in nurturing ties between nations and the US. Participants vary in their backgrounds and professions, but are all established professionals in their field, and each believe in the power of creating positive difference. As each program reinforces mutual understandings between participants and their US counterparts, this belief is central to their success.

These programs do much more than on the surface. My message to past and potential participants is that such programs provide unparalleled networking opportunities that they should take full advantage of. The professional relationships you will build will not only be extremely valuable, but mutually beneficial. Not only do these programs enhance foreign participants’ understanding of American governance and society, but also demonstrate steady commitment to cooperation between nations. I would recommend potential participants to take full advantage of the opportunities these programs provide.

You are also a member of the Board of Directors of the European Network of American Alumni Associations – ENAM. What do you hope to achieve by the end of this term?

Mr. Ahmed: ENAM’s joint mission is to strengthen the relationship amongst our member associations and promote involvement within the US State Department alumni community from 53 European nations.

I am so pleased that MAAA President Miso Dokmanovic was elected onto the Board of Directors last year. By the end of this term, we will represent over 40,000 alumni, and I hope to work alongside Miso in collectively directing and facilitating the active participation of the alumni.

Interviewed by Sanja Gichevska- Dokmanovic


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