MAAA Donations

Donation to the Association for Development of the Roma community in Macedonia

The Association for development of the Roma community is a center of the Roma kids. The moment you enter their facilities located in the municipality of Topaana, you receive the warmest welcome. Several kids with happy faces and big sparkling bright eyes will give you the most tender hugs and kisses. Their hospitality and generosity will overwhelm you, and in a second, you will enter the beautiful world (Sumnal in Roma Language) that can melt even the coldest of hearts. Indeed, their world is a lovely place where kids from all generations gather together and enjoy themselves.

The main idea behind the center is to address the needs of the school kids and improve their educational score as well as to raise the awareness of the importance of education. The guiding force is to engage them in creative activities after school and to help them overcome the difficult educational tasks and most importantly to create a place where positive energy and mutual support is shared.

Following that vision, as part of its mission, the center organizes and implements many educational and social activities. The activities tend to help the young ones in reaching the educational goals. However, except for the educational activities for the kids, the activities of the organization developed over time and now they are additionally focused on providing necessary trainings for the community on different topics such as women’s rights, education, fighting poverty, hygiene and sanitation, vaccination, democratic participation and many others. All of these aspects are enhancing the main goal of the association - ensuring a brighter future for the particularly vulnerable group of Roma community. In this highly motivated process, the association seeks to provide tools and resources needed to educate both the children and the adults in the community through different donors and with the assistance provided by an effective and devoted team of volunteers, partners, and supporters.

In that scope, and in line with MAAA goals and values to promote humanity, respect and mutual understanding, MAAA gave a small but sincere contribution as part of the donation gathered on a charity concert – in a form of educational materials for the kids with whom the association works. This is a small contribution which paves the way to other such future initiatives whose idea is to help the ones that need help the most. MAAA is devoted towards such initiatives, since we believe that each individual’s effort can contribute to achievement of our shared values towards common understanding and cohesion in our pluralistic society. Following that determination, MAAA will strengthen its determination and will continue to be a driving force that can make a difference in our society towards a better world in the future as well. MAAA serves a greater good and in line with this its activities will continue to be devoted to serving the community and the people.

Written by Natalija Shikova


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