The President of the Macedonian-American Alumni Association (MAAA), Ms. Verica Jordanova, participated at the General Assembly of the European Network of American Alumni Associations (ENAM) held on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Global Fulbright Program and the 30th Anniversary of the Hungarian Fulbright Association. The conference was titled "A Community Based on Shared Values" and it took place on October 8, 2021, in Budapest, Hungary.

The focus of the discussion was on introducing potential changes within the organization as well as on enlarging membership capacities in the future. Besides the President of MAAA, representatives of other Alumni Associations in Europe took part in the conference and the General Assembly such as: Germany, Austria, Ireland, Great Britain, Kosovo, Georgia and Azerbaijan. This was a crucial network event, in which many ideas for cooperation occurred.

The conference was of high-quality, and it was opened by Marc Dillard, Chargé d’Affaires a.i., Embassy of the United States of America in Budapest and a representative from the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. After that, opening remarks were given by Dr. Zoltán Nagy, Founding President of the Fulbright Association, Dr. György Kovács, President of the Fulbright Association, Dr. Károly Jókay, Executive Director, Fulbright Commission and Dr. Zoltán Dubéczi, Secretary-General of the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, who highlighted the importance of the Fulbright program for their professional development and development of Hungary in general.

The sessions included presentations by respected Fulbright scholars and alumni on the topic “Strengthening the Transatlantic Alliance on the Basis of Shared Values”, followed by testimonials of five Fulbrighters who contributed to making changes to improve this world. Issues related to strengthening the American and European scientific cooperation were also discussed. Overall, valuable new perspectives on the U.S.-European relationship were provided and the achievements of the U.S. exchange alumni community in Europe were recognised and appreciated.

Author: Mira Bekar


Bulding bridges of cooperation
between the United States and Macedonia