After donating to the Association “Open the Windows” in Skopje and the Public High School “Iskra”, Shtip, representatives of the Executive Board of the Macedonian-American Alumni Association and the US Embassy visited two elementary schools in the Municipality of Brvenica, Tetovo on 13th October, 2021 to donate required school reading books for the pupils there. The two schools, the elementary school “Goce Delcev” in the village of Stenche has mostly pupils of Macedonian ethnicity, while the elementary school “Hasan Taxsini”, in the village of Gurgurnica, mostly pupils of Albanian ethnicity, so the donated books aimed to enrich their libraries were both in Macedonian and Albanian. It is important to emphasize that all MAAA members contributed to this donation by attending the humanitarian concert held in December, 2019.

It is important to mention that the Elementary schools in the villages of Volkovija, Radiovce and Tenovo are part of the central elementary school “Goce Delcev” in the village of Stenche, and the pupils there attend classes up till 4th grade. Albanian pupils from the village Radiovce, on the other hand, continue their education in the primary school “Lirija”, Zerovjane. The successes that these pupils have shown are numerous. They have, so far, won: Second place award in the national contest in math; First place award in the municipal contest in math; Third place award in the municipal contest in geography and First place award in the municipal contest in small goal soccer.

We hope that with this donation, the pupils will enjoy the readings and develop their language skills and we wish them many more successes in the future!

Author: Angela Dimitrovska


Bulding bridges of cooperation
between the United States and Macedonia