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ISSUE 1, 2018

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Legal status
MAAA is a non-profit “think – tank” organization, established in 2000. MAAA has clear operational structure that derives its competencies from a MAAA Statute.

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Assembly Meeting

Lasting for more than three hours on a humid July afternoon, MAAA’s Assembly meeting seemed like the longest and most exhausting meeting I have ever attended in my life.

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A New Beginning

The president of MAAA, Prof. Mišo Dokmanović, talks about the association and the opportunities it offers to the current and future alumni as well as about the past and future activities of MAAA
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One Night In America

Frank Sinatra once said that the best way to start any musical evening is with Ella Fitzgerald. And "it doesn't get better than this".

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An interview with Ben Lingeman

Mr. Ben Lingeman, the Assistant Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Skopje discusses the Embassy’s educational exchange programs and their importance, as well as the benefit that Macedonian students would have from studying in the United States.

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MAAA Strategic Planning Event

On December 16, 2017, about 30 alumni took part in the MAAA Strategic Planning Event, held in the Ethno Complex “Macedonian Village” in Gorno Nerezi, Skopje. After the official greeting from the president of MAAA, Dr.Misho Dokmanovic, the agenda for the day was set.

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An Interview With Gazmend Iljazi

I interviewed Mr. Gazmend Ilazi, the Educational Affairs Assistant at the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Skopje, about his duties at the Embassy, the opportunities the Embassy offers to young people from Macedonia to apply to various exchange programs as well as to Americans who want to study in Macedonia.

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Exchange Programs And Grants

Dear alumni and friends, US Department of State offers number of exchange programs and grant opportunities for their huge alumni network worldwide and for new, potential candidates, excelling in their fields of study and work, as future ambassadors of the American culture in their home countries.

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