Workshop: Helping writers keep focus and avoid Logical fallacies!

February 2nd, 2018

Workshop: Helping writers keep focus and avoid Logical fallacies!

On February 2, 2018, a workshop titled Helping Writers Keep Focus and Avoid Logical Fallacies took place at the American Corner in Skopje. The event was supported by MAAA and the American Corner. Twenty freshmen, sophomores and 4th year high school students participated in the workshop.

Our alumni Mira Bekar (Assistant professor at the Faculty of Philology, at Ss Cyril and Methodius University) and Kate Claire Bergum (Fulbright Visiting English Teaching Assistant) addressed important issues related to academic writing. The aims of the workshop were for the participants to:
1) discuss and learn how to keep greater focus to student writing and stick to the point; 2) recognize and discuss logical fallacies; 3) link the ideas better avoiding unnecessary linking devices; and 4) write about events of their interest with focus and detail.

Participants assessed the workshop positively and expressed interest in a follow-up workshop. This workshop provided students with strategies for keeping focus in academic writing, understanding the overuse of linking devices, which make a piece look like a list of unrelated idea, and recognizing logical fallacies in manipulative statements.

Macedonian American Alumni Association provided catering for this event.

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