Reception on the occasion of the 23rd Anniversary of diplomatic relations between the United States of America and the Republic of Macedonia

October 8th, 2018

On October 5, 2018 the Macedonian American Alumni Association (MAAA) organized a reception at the Daut Pashin Amam National Gallery marking the 23rd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States of America and the Republic of Macedonia.

Over 100 MAAA members and other guests guests attended the event. The guests were greeted by the President of the МААA, prof. dr. iur. Mišo Dokmanović and US Ambassador, Jess Bailey. Prof. Dokmanovic stressed that the USA and Macedonia stood shoulder to shoulder many times in history and will continue to stand together in the years ahead. Our two countries have never been closer, and our friendship has never been stronger. Referring to the role of the MAAA in the Macedonian society, he emphasized that the organization has over 160 members, which make a key contribution to science, medicine, education, art and business community of Macedonia.

Ambassador Bailey emphasized the importance of the exchange programs, the role of individuals and personal experiences in developing relations between the two countries. In the context of bilateral relations, he emphasized that nothing would make him happier than the moment when we see the Macedonian flag in Brussels in front of the NATO headquarters, at the place that Macedonia fully deserves.

The Macedonian American Alumni Association (MAAA) is an association of participants in academic exchange, professional development and career development programs sponsored by the US Government, established in 2000.

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