MAAA board members attend KUSA Annual Networking Event


December 18th, 2023

MAAA board members attend KUSA Annual Networking Event

Exciting Update

Our Macedonian-American Alumni Association (MAAA) representatives, Vice-President Ognen Janeski and Organizational Secretary Rozita Petrinska Labudović, had the honor of attending the Kosovo United States Alumni Association's (KUSA) Annual Networking Event at Klan Arena in Prishtina, Kosovo.

The gathering witnessed inspiring moments as US Ambassador to Kosovo, H.E. Jeffrey M. Hovenier (U.S. Embassy Pristina, Kosovo), shared insightful thoughts with a diverse audience comprising fellow members, partners, associates, US Embassy representatives, and KUSA's esteemed alumni community.

Let's celebrate the power of connection and collaboration as these remarkable individuals came together for this special occasion! #KUSAEvent #MAAA #NetworkingSuccess

Amidst the buzz, let's not forget the upcoming highlight!

MAAA New Year’s Gala Concert - "Sonic Dialogue: Skopje via Washington," is set to enchant the Macedonian Philharmonic on December 26th at 20h.

Join us for an evening that transcends borders, celebrating the power of connection through music.

Your presence will make this celebration even more extraordinary! #KUSAEvent #MAAAGala #CulturalHarmony

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