MAAA launches podcast series “The Voice of MAAA”


April 12th, 2024

MAAA launches podcast series “The Voice of MAAA”

MAAA has a broad spectrum of experts across multiple disciplines, ready to provide advice

on a variety of topics to those in need. MAAA’s first Podcast series "The Voice of MAAA"

underscores our conviction that the voices of our members deserve to be heard. 

The first episode “Perspectives of young people in our country”, was MAAA's inaugural

podcast within the project "Alumni encouraging volunteering and extra-curricular activities".

It was hosted by Ms. Katerina Topalova, a journalist, and our main speakers include Mr.

Bojan Kordalov, a communicologist and Mr.Ivan Durgutov, a young activist.

“Being a young person in our country means constantly being asked why I haven’t moved

out“, says the young activist and MAAA member, Ivan Durgutov. “The reason I am still in

Macedonia is because I believe in the capacity of the young people in my country. Not only

are we equally competent with our peers in European countries, but in many aspects, we

are even better. I would like to see my country digitalized, free from stereotypes and

stigmas, and ready to invest in the future of the youth”, says Durgutov.

“In addition,” ads communicologist Kordalov “we needn’t fear when young people go

abroad for exchange programs, study, work or practice, as it can only bring positive impact

to our society”.

“These young people gain knowledge and international experience that they can later apply

in our society. We wouldn’t be recording this podcast today if it weren’t for our experiences

in the US through the exchange programs of the American Embassy. However, what

concerns us is the large percentage of young people who leave and respond negatively to

the question “Would you ever come back to your country?”. This highlights a problem: a

country that is not designed to meet the needs of its youth”, says Kordalov.

Finally, MAAA members and participants in this podcast, Topalova, Kordalov and Durgutov

discussed the knowledge, skills and positive practices they acquired during their

participation in US government exchange programs. They highlighted how they apply these

learnings in both their professional and personal lives.

You can watch the whole episode “Perspectives of young people in our country” on MAAA’s

YouTube channel:

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